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Waterwise 1600 Non-Electric Steam Distiller

Everyday preparedness brings peace of mind in the face of unforeseen emergencies. In these situations, you simply can't beat the 1600. Not even a power outage can stop the 1600. Ideal for camping; or as a backup for your electric distiller.This all-stainless-steel distiller has no moving parts, delivers up to 16 gallons a day of pure, safe water-almost silently-with or without electricity. The two modular parts are pre-assembled, so set-up is a breeze. A countdown digital timer is included for trouble-free monitoring.


Retail Price $449.00

Our price $387.00



Works on virtually any heat source-gas or electric stove or hotplate, wood or coal burning stove, propane or natural gas burner, gas or charcoal grill


  • No electricty required Includes:
    Distiller, Hi-Temp Tubing (36" length-food grade), and Digital Timer
  • Distillate Capacity:
    3.2 Quarts in 1.2 Hours, up to 16
    Gallons (60 Liters) in 24 Hours
  • Dimensions:
    Height 12" (31 cm), Diameter 12" (31 cm)
  • Net Weight: 9 Ibs (4.1 kgs)
    2-Year Limited Warranty


    1 - Water is heated in the stainless steel boiler to 212° F (100°C) killing microbes such as bacteria, cysts, and viruses that may be present.

    2 - Steam rises leaving behind dead microbes, dissolved solids, salts, heavy metals, and other substances

    3 - Low boiling light gses are discharged through the gaseeous vent.

    4 - steam is condensed in the three-level stainless steel tray assembly.

    5 - Purified disstilled water is captured in the collection cu assembly.

    6 - The 100% steam distileld water flows throught eh collection tube into the 3.2 quart stainless steel collection/storage container.

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