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 Waterwise 8800 Steam Distiller

Deluxe Water Purifier with Electronic Monitor

Waterwise 8800 Distiller

Suggested Retail $469.00

Our price $399.00 includes shipping within continental U.S.

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  1 Gallon Replacement Jug $34.95
  2 Gallon Refrigerator Jug with Spigot $29.95
Waterwise 8800 Filters 6-Pack $32.00
Kleenwise Descaler $18.95

Model 8800 features steam distillation with carbon filtration for maximum purity...effectively removing up to 99% of unwanted impurities. You can enjoy 100% distilled water from the carafe anytime with the dripless stop-and-serve feature. The multifunction readout lets you know the time of day, when to change the filter, and has a programmable startup feature for when you are away.

Deluxe Water Purifier with Electronic Monitor
Distillation is the most effective method of water purification. Distillation occurs when water is brought to 212 degrees, boiled, thus killing bacteria and viruses, then vaporized to separate out minerals, lead, bacteria, nitrates and other contaminants. The vapor is then condensed back into liquid water that is 99.9 percent pure. Distillers eliminate the need and inconvenience of buying bottled water, and help maximize the life of water-using appliances such as coffee makers, steam irons and humidifiers by preventing mineral build-up.

The WaterWise 8800 Distiller is portable and lightweight, making it ideal for home use or for travel. It produces a gallon of distilled water in six hours at a fraction of the cost of buying bottled water and automatically shuts off when finished.

Enjoy the incredibly refreshing taste and convenience of purified water with your own WaterWise™ Distiller. Make it fresh each day. Makes coffee, tea, juices, and soups delicious. Use distilled water to prepare vegetables, fruits, organic foods and even baby formula.

  1. Ordinary tap water is heated to 212°F, (100°C) killing bacteria, cysts and viruses that may be present
  2. Steam rises leaving behind dissolved solids, salts, heavy metals and other substances
  3. Low boiling light gases are discharged through the gaseous vent
  4. Steam is condensed in a stainless steel coil
  5. Distilled water then percolates through a coconut shell carbon filter, enhancing quality by absorption of VOCs
  6. The purified drinking water is collected in the one gallon Lexan storage bottle (included)


  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Size 15" H x 14.5"W x 10.5"D
  • Weight - 13 lbs
  • Automatic shut-off (works while you sleep or are away from home)
  • Stainless steel condensing coil.
  • Volatile gasses boil off through vent in condensing coil
  • European design compliments any countertop area!
  • Power - 120V AC / 60 Hz - 800 watt
  • Electrical Costs: Three times KWH per gallon
  • Cost per gallon - approx. 35¢ per gallon
  • Capacity - One U.S. gallon (3.785 liters)
  • Will produce up to 6 U.S. gallons per day
  • All materials conform to U.S. FDA requirements
  • West German (VDE) listed and conforms to (CE) directives

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